Mitii is a unique training method for people with different types of brain damage. Your personal instructor motivates, adjusts and ensures development throughout the course. You exercise intensively for 14 weeks and your level of functioning will improve tremendously. Your control over own life will increase, and you will become happier person in your everyday life.


Mitii is developed based on latest brain research. The brain is flexible and changes throughout life in interaction with the body – this unique ability is called neuroplasticity. Mitii training leads to the formation of new networks in the brain. Networks that enables you to overcome more and want more.

Boost your Brain and Body – for life

What is Mitii?

Mitii – ‘Move It To Improve It’ – is a unique online training method and system, that has been designed to meet the latest recommendations for neurorehabilitation. These are based upon the fact that the brain constantly changes and adapts to new experience (neuroplasticity) and expertise about how to best stimulate this key behavior of the brain.

Mitii improves the balance and communication between brain and body. The end result is increased self-esteem and more personal initiative – more Control Over Own Life. We call this ‘COOL’.

Instead of targeting the training towards improving specific skills, Mitii seeks to strengthen the underlying processes of any skill or behavior – e.g. brain interconnection, attention and agency. The ability to learn new things is improved. As a positive side effect, muscular strength and endurance are improved as well.

These results are achieved by tailoring and continually adjusting the training individually to the person’s needs and physical and cognitive level whilst adhering to key requirements, most importantly daily training over many weeks and combining brain and body activities in the exercises.

How does it work in practice?

The person, who trains with Mitii, needs a TV or monitor and an internet connection. We deliver a package containing the computer unit (running the Mitii application) and the Kinect camera, which tracks the movements of the person during training.

This means the person can train anywhere and at anytime.

A professional, e.g. occupational therapist or physiotherapist, will continuously monitor the progress of the training by analyzing the training data fed back by Mitii and adjust the training as needed (once a week, typically).

How do I get to use Mitii?

Please contact us using the contact form below.

As a professional you can purchase licenses enabling you to train your patients. As a patient (anyone with reduced cognitive and/or physical function) or relative to a patient, you can purchase Mitii training delivered by us (14 weeks duration).